A Smaller History of Greece: From the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest

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Harper, 1889 - Greece - 248 pages

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Page xxix - ... the matches. The only prize given to the conqueror was a garland of wild olive ; but this was valued as one of the dearest distinctions in life. To have his name proclaimed as victor before assembled Hollas was an object of ambition with the noblest and the wealthiest of the Greeks.
Page 121 - Clazomenae and Cyprus should belong to him. He also thinks it just to leave all the other Grecian cities, both small and great, independent, — except Lemnos, Imbros, and Scyros, which are to belong to Athens, as of old. Should any parties refuse to accept this peace, I will make war upon them, along with those who are of the same mind, both by land and sea, with ships and with money.
Page 69 - Oppressed at once by war and pestilence, their lands desolated, their homes filled with mourning, it is not surprising that the Athenians were seized with rage and despair, or that they vented their anger on Pericles, whom they deemed the author of their misfortunes. But that statesman still adhered to his plans with unshaken firmness. Though the Lacedaemonians were in Attica, though the plague had already seized on Athens, he was vigorously pushing his plans of offensive operations.
Page 10 - Solon was the only man, who, without fear or shrinking, deplored the folly of the times, and reproached the Athenians with their cowardice and treachery. You might, said he, with ease have crushed the tyrant in the bud; but nothing now remains but to pluck him up by the roots.
Page xxix - B. c. 776, in which year he is said to have assisted Iphitus in restoring the Olympic games. He belonged to the royal family of Sparta. According to the common account he was the son of Eunomus, one of the two kings who reigned together in Sparta.

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